Is there really vitamin D in sunlight?

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The answer is true that sunlight contains vitamin D. But that does not mean that sunlight every time of the day will contain. Because these vitamins will be destroyed by dust, smoke, pollution. Which are enemies before our skin can absorb them. and synthesize it into the body. So if you want Vitamin D from sunlight. Then you should wake up early to receive sunlight between 6-7 am. But if after this time period has passed. The dangers of ultraviolet light may cause your skin to burn.

What will happen if there is a lack of vitamin D?

The symptoms of people with vitamin D deficiency are bone pain when moving. makes it difficult to walk In case of severe deficiency. May cause bone deformity. For infants with deficiency , it causes various developmental delays, whether walking, crawling or sitting, will be able to do better than normal children. It also causes the crown of the head to close slowly. and the bones of the skull bulging up as well. This is because the bones are low in calcium. weaken the bonesUFABET 

Do you see that Properties and benefits. This is a vitamin that is really beneficial to our body. Therefore, do not forget to expose yourself to the sun before 7:00 a.m. a day…that’s all. Our bodies are not at risk of deficiency .