3 good skills emotionally intelligent

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3 good skills emotionally intelligent

EQ (Emotional Quotient) is the ability to aware. and managing your own and others’ emotions Also call It’s emotional intelligence. If friends want to increase skills emotionally intelligent their EQ, these 3 skills can help.

1. Be aware of your emotions 

Be aware that at that moment What kind of emotional state are you in? For example, arguing with your angry boyfriend. I realized that I was angry and angry because my boyfriend had something to hide. Feeling sad, I realized that I was feeling sad. The reason may be that every member of the house has forgotten your birthday, etc.

2. Control your emotions to manage and solve problems 

When negative emotions arise and allow emotions to soar or subside. Often does not help solve the problem. Try to control your own emotions to return to normal. Listen to other people’s opinions and be ready to explain their reasons with the goal of successfully completing the work

3. Manage your own and others’ emotions in a positive way 

People with high EQ are able to predict various situations. or control sudden situations very well Helps achieve the goals as set. This is because such skills shape one’s ability to build good relationships with people around them. Make decisions carefully. Including dealing with all types of situations.

What is emotional intelligence and what is it for?

According to Goleman, emotional intelligence is skills emotionally intelligent the ability to recognise our own feelings and those of others, to guide us and to better manage our relationships. What is it for? It’s mainly useful for understanding more of our own emotional information and that of others because emotion is the physical expression of our mind and it never lies. Emotions inform us how our mind is processing what we experience.

high IQ is only capable of predicting 20% of the factors for success. While the remaining 80% depend on other variables such as social class, luck and, ufabet https://ufabet999.app to a large extent, emotional intelligence. Something similar happens in companies, according to the study: 60% of organisations with an emotionally intelligent workforce achieve 20% better results than others in various business indicators such as productivity, employee satisfaction, market share and customer service.