7 dangers on the tongue warning us

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7 dangers on the tongue warning us

Tongue is besides being an important organ responsible for chewing and swallowing food. Including being used in speaking and pronouncing various sounds, the tongue can also send warning signals about our physical health.

1. A tongue as red as a strawberry

If your tongue It’s red, similar to a strawberry color. That is a warning sign that our body is not getting enough vitamins. Especially iron and vitamin B12 if left for a long time. The tongue will become smoother. Because the taste buds weaken in severe cases. If you accidentally drink a hot drink or eat something spicy. It will cause severe pain in the tongue. When this happens, it is recommended that you immediately see a doctor to consult about nutrition.

2. The tongue has a brown or black coating.

Black or brown stains on the tongue are inherently unsightly. They can also be a warning sign of poor hygiene, such as smoking, which often results in an unpleasant odor. in the mouth and impairs the perception of taste, so the first thing you should do is quit this bad habit. Including taking care of oral cleanliness. You should also brush your teeth and tongue every day.

3. Tongue has a white coating.

White stains are a sign of a https://ufabet999.app fungal infection. This stain appears when Candida albicans (a type of yeast that causes the disease) overgrows. The reasons for the proliferation of this type of yeast vary, including the use of antibiotics. Have diabetes weak immune system or high blood pressure When does the tongue become white? It is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

4. The tongue has grooves and cracks.

A wrinkled tongue can be a sign of aging. This usually doesn’t hurt anyone. But what if brushing your teeth isn’t good enough? Infection may occur in the crack. and can cause severe pain You should see a doctor to get medication to treat these symptoms. In addition, wrinkles on the tongue may also be caused by improper placement of dental implants.

5.The tongue has small white spots.

small white dots It is irritation on the surface of the tongue. Sometimes it is caused by the teeth continuously hitting the surface of the tongue. In most cases, small white spots These often occur on the tongues of smokers. Importantly, 17 percent of these cells can become cancer-causing cells. Therefore, if you have spots like this and they don’t go away within 1-2 weeks, you should see your doctor immediately. Check what the cause is.

6. The tongue has red bumps.

When red bumps or blisters appear on the tongue and the symptoms do not go away within 2-4 weeks, it may be a warning sign of a serious disease. Most are early signs of ‘tongue cancer’, caused by risk factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing betel nut, or having chronic wounds on the tongue, etc. In such cases You should see a doctor immediately.

7. Burning sensation on the tongue

It is often found in women who are entering menopause. Caused by hormonal changes within the body Or you may be allergic to certain ingredients when using toothpaste. However, if you are experiencing this kind of problem You should immediately consult a medical professional.