Full guide for playing Sic Bo online.

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Full guide for playing Sic Bo online.

If talking about Sic Bo or Sic bo games, many people would have a feeling of being familiar with this game very well. Because it is a type of game that is widely popular in all areas of Thailand. Moreover, it is a game that is very familiar to the local people.

When looking back at the game of Sic Bo in history We can trace its origins to the country of Zhen since the 19th century where the method of playing has always been spread out regardless of the era. One of the reasons why this game is the most popular all over the world is Chinese immigration in various places Both the United States and Europe. Until the 20th century, the game of Sic Bo was the most popular in Macau casinos.

when back in Thai society Although playing this type of Sic Bo table game is not considered a legal game. But there are still spaces that you can enjoy online. This is one way you can play the game with the same experience as a real casino. Let’s go see Study here UFABET

Meaning of Hi-Lo Online

Online Sic Bo betting has two main components: Betting board and dice Although you might be used to playing dice games. But in reality this game uses three dice. So what the player should do is to predict the number of numbers from the set of numbers drawn. or the sum of the three dice Moreover, each bet has a different payout. And you can bet on multiple outcomes at the same time.

Sic Bo betting formats are:

  • Predict the total, the easiest Sic Bo bet. You will have the opportunity to bet on the sum of the three dice. And you can bet on any number from 4 to 16.
  • A single or number bet is a bet on the number that will appear on at least one dice. that means If you bet 3, you win.
  • Double is betting that two dice of your choice will be rolled.
  • Triple Number A bet made with a prediction that results in a triple number. But it is a relatively low-paying and less popular betting method.

How to play dice games online

When it comes to playing Sic Bo games through online channels You can bet through the tables that appear on the screen. The way to play is as follows.

1. Start playing

You can start playing by placing your chips on the bets seen on the board.

2. Play games

Click or tap the Start button as shown on the screen.

3. Results

Wait for the dice to stop on one of the numbers. If you win that round The winning amount varies with the payout.

You can see that playing Sic Bo is an easy game to play. It’s also another game that takes the game over quickly. For this reason, many players love to play Sic Bo online.

Advantages of playing Sic Bo online

When you are the one who likes to play Sic Bo in various locations or even a real casino. When it comes to playing through online channels It is a method that allows you to choose to enjoy casino games anytime, anywhere. with the following advantages

1. Can play via mobile phone

The main advantages of playing through online channels are: You do not need to travel to the actual casino. But you can enjoy and enjoy casino games anywhere and anytime. With just one mobile phone, you can enjoy unlimited games.

2. There are bonuses for online players.

What makes online casino players even more beneficial is that they can receive a welcome bonus as soon as they register as a new member. And you can also use the bonus to play the game for profit. Therefore, it increases the chances of receiving more profit than a real casino.

3. Lots of Live Casino Room Options

If you choose to play through online channels In addition to being able to choose to play online games There is also a live casino room option where you can bet directly with the dealer. That way, you can get the same gaming experience as in a real casino.

Tips for playing Sic Bo online to make money

Although the game is an unpredictable bet. But there are still online strategies and sic bo strategies that have been continually inherited. Here are some interesting tips:

1. Start betting in small increments.

The key to success in playing Sic Bo is proper planning. If you are a beginner and not very familiar with betting. Let’s start with a small number. and when winning the game, thus increasing the number of bets to the next level

2. Practice with a demo account

It is impossible for a beginner to understand how to play this game at any point. Although the dice game is an easy game to play. But if you don’t understand the type of bets or the payout ratio of the game. It cannot make you successful in gambling.

3. Listen to the sound and study the statistics.

Since this dice game is made by shaking, many Sic Bo experts agree that listening to each shake helps tell the number of numbers that will be awarded. You can also check from the statistics of the numbers in each betting round as well.