Online Gamecocks – A Guide to Rules and How to Play

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Online Gamecocks – A Guide to Rules and How to Play

How to bet on gamecocks online

Although nowadays you can bet on gamecocks in different parts of Thailand. but the online format Has created a lot of convenience for you as well. Especially in situations where you can’t leave the house. Selection of bets via online channels It’s convenient and economical. 

for betting on online sites. You can start your gamecock advice by ทางเข้า UFABET Choosing your favorite website and being confident. Then open a new account by registering. and start depositing That’s it, you can choose to bet from the side you want. 

for newbies Can follow instructions on how to bet on Gamecocks online. can be as follows

1. Choose a betting style

For Gamecock game betting tips You can bet one of the following options: Red Betting or Meon and Blue Betting or WALA.

2. Professional or beginner race

For professional players and amateurs There will be a different number of minutes per round, i.e. for a professional it will take 20 minutes for both play and rest, a total of 12 rounds, while for amateur play only 5 rounds. 10 minutes and a break time of 2 minutes

3. Odds

There are different betting formats with different odds. The prices are as follows: Tie price, 5/4 price, 3/2 price, 7/4 price, 2/1 price and 5/2 price, with different gain and loss ratios.

for new players Learning how to play the basics of online crash games is an important part. In addition, constant practice will help you to be successful in gambling is not difficult.

Gameplay Rules

Although Gamecock seems to be an easy game to play. But there are rules of gamecock game and rules of play that are fixed. If you can clearly understand these rules. It will make your bets so much easier.

1. Always

When a game will be a draw depends on factors that cannot be decided, i.e. not knowing which side should win or lose. If as follows will always be effective But there will also be a wagering fee as well.

2. Lose

When any gamecock was found to be drugged or suspicious, the other cock was beaten blind. or any party to catch the other party’s chicken The situation will be considered lost immediately.

3. Win

Only the chicken that survives the bet wins the bet.

Additionally, important terms for betting on online gamecocks are Phoenix, Dragon or Draw (when both chickens die during a fight) and FTD (full-time draw). FTD is declared when both chickens are alive with no effect. other in such a case The battle will be canceled within 10 minutes.

Tips for winning online gamecock rules

In addition to learning the rules and methods of playing the gamecock game. You also need to know the gamecock betting tips online as well . It is widely used in the field of gamecocks that even a beginner can do as follows.

1. Catch points to fight online gamecocks. 

To win online gamecock bets You have to be in a position to guess which chicken can win. Start from the fact that you have to observe the behavior of each chicken. In addition, counting the winning stats gives you the opportunity to predict more accurately. 

Although all chickens come from different sources. But with the services of an online casino So you can check from the winning statistics of each chicken.

2. Increase bet on losing

Although this bet is a matter of luck. But if you choose to bet more when losing. There is a chance that you will be able to make excuses in the next rounds. This method is also one of the most popular.

3. Always avoid bets.

Although there are many events that can cause problems that will always keep the game in the right direction. But you will have to choose between losing or winning. Because if you choose to bet with a tie The profit potential is less than choosing one side.

With these betting tips will help you to easily win the game of betting. Even a beginner can choose one of these tips as well.