Including vegetable menu, eat to live, save, good for health

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This article will introduce a simple vegetable menu, eat to survive, save money, clean, cook by yourself, suitable for people. Who eat without much concern, not focusing on the taste by bringing vegetables to make different dishes. In Thailand, we have a lot of vegetables.

But if you know how to modify simple food menu. It will help save more money, for example, buying chicken curry with bamboo shoots is 20 baht per bag, like this, buying more chicken to add. Buy bamboo shoots to put on, add to, pay the same price as in restaurants. will get more food This is a simple menu example. Eat to live that will be introduced in this article.

An example of a simple vegetable menu that you can cook yourself and save.

1. Fresh vegetables, blanched vegetables with chili paste

A simple menu like this if you can eat. It will help make life easier, just choose vegetables. Choose chili paste to cook. May eat fresh vegetables or bring vegetables to blanch, just have to arrange the menu together. Because each type of vegetable It goes well with each type of chili paste, such as neem shoots, blanched neem flowers, sweet fish sauce, or shrimp paste chili paste.

Fresh vegetables with shrimp paste chili paste It is another menu that is easy to eat. May bring chili paste to boil until cooked for even more fragrance and keep longer without refrigeration Just have to choose the type of vegetables to match.

2. Fresh vegetables with instant noodles

Eating instant noodles to gain nutritional value Vegetables should be added. Add an egg as well, as well, have to find a recipe that is right for your palate, which kind of vegetables is suitable for which flavor of noodles.

3. Bring grilled food to make a new menu.

grilled food May be cooked into a new menu to have more nutritional value, such as grilled pork, stir-fried with chili paste and vegetables such as eggplant and bamboo shoots will increase the amount of food. and save money as well. Cheaper than a side dish

4. Kua Kling menu with eggs eaten with fresh vegetables

Menus like this can be easily added to the quantity. Like in the picture, some shops sell very expensive, just 30 baht, then mix it with 2-3 eggs and fry to make an omelette with pork, roasted pork, and kling. get more quantity, eat with fresh vegetables, go well together

5. Blanched vegetables and fruits, eat with yogurt.

This menu may not be easy for some people. But the author is not very interested in the taste. Emphasis on eating to live, so it can be eaten comfortably. Bring vegetables, fruits and grains to blanch, boil, or use fresh, pour and mix with yogurt. This time, close your eyes and eat. Not delicious, but definitely full of nutrition.

6. Curry, instant food, increasing the amount

This method will buy ready-made curry from the fresh market. Don’t go to order from a la carte restaurant, it will cost twice as much. Then bring to increase the amount, such as pork basil, add more vegetables, just have to find a recipe for that. What kind of vegetables go well together?

7. Fresh vegetables and canned fish

This is another very simple menu. Choose your favorite canned fish, come to spicy salad, squeeze lime, ground chili, fresh chili, eat with various kinds of vegetables that go well together, adding more nutritional value.