How to clean the meat.

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How you wash your ingredients is just as important as the way you cook them. With delicious cooking Because it is the first checkpoint to make raw materials clean meat, of good quality and can be store for a longer time.

Fresh and raw meat. Sirloin medallions steaks in a row ready to cook. Background black blackboard

Be it vegetables, fruits or meat. In this issue, let’s look at how to wash different types of meat, even if the meat must be cook first. But washing properly will give us more confidence in the quality of food.

There are instructions for washing pork and beef in several ways. Let’s see which method you like and is convenient. just do it that way

Store before washing  If not using immediately, cut the amount used each time, divide into a box or plastic bag and store in the freezer when cooking. Defrost and then rinse. If the meat smells musty Soak vinegar and water for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Then it will be slice ​​and cook further.

Wash before storing  Purchase meat is wash with water mix ยูฟ่าเบท with vinegar or salt or fruit marinade. (Shouldn’t soak meat for a long time because it will lose value and taste) Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Cut into pieces as desired. Divide into bags or containers that can go into the freezer. When it will be cook, just take it out to defrost and cook immediately. 

**Water used to wash many houses may use water to wash rice. used to wash meat It implies that it will make the meat fresh, clean, deodorize the fishy smell well.

**If frozen meat, before cooking, must also explore whether the color and smell have chang or not, if not sure. There is a rancid smell or very fishy should not be use for cooking must be discard immediately

Chicken, Duck, Goose

washed in parts  Normally, housewives who cook a little food are enough to eat within the family. It will be bought as parts such as breasts, wings, hips, calves or parts of various organs. which are usually small pieces, then just wash them clean By washing with water with a little salt. or to wash with lemon slices It will help clear the fishy smell. or slippery slime According to the skin is cleaner than washing with plain water. then bring it up to drain Then divide the bag into the freezer.

Wash the whole body  for any house that needs to buy the whole body. may still have small hairs Attached to the wings, legs and head, it may bring a plucker to pull all the feathers out. then wash the outside thoroughly Then cut the stomach to remove the entrails. The thing to be careful is not to let the gut be broken because if it is broken, the waste in the gut will spill out. The method is to insert your hand close to the skeleton. Until the fingertips reach the heart of the chicken, then pull out the whole bunch. Then cut the tip of the filling out of the anus. when cut out Wash only the anus thoroughly before washing the whole body. then cut into pieces or to cook according to the prepared menu