Just Chris Wood may not be enough for Newcastle

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Just Chris Wood may not be enough for Newcastle

Ever since Chris Wood moved in with the rest of the players in the winter market. It appears Newcastle United’s performance has dramatically improve. They are still in contention to finish the season. At the top half table despite the absence of key striker Callum Wilson. Injure in a game against Manchester United in December

16 games without the former Bournemouth forward. The Newcastle striker has score just 10 goals in total. Which has kept Wilson in the lead. He is the team’s top scorer with six goals. Although he has play less than any attacking team so far. That includes newly arrived Wood and has score just two.

The New Zealand international has played 14 games in a row. Before in the last two games Eddie Howe will try to adapt Choelinton and Saint-Maximin. With the first to score goals. Two tablets in the game against Norwich. When being rock to stand at the left edge of the path. While the latter hardly poses any danger to competitors at all.

It’s true that Wilson’s injury won’t last forever. But will his performance be good enough for Newcastle next season with his determination to win tickets to European football?

The 30-year-old has scored 18 goals in 37 starts since moving to St James’ Park. With a side often playing underdogs only trying to escape relegation. And it’s true that the number of goals and the dangers he has will be multiplied. Up when playing in Howe’s tactics, but his fitness issues are still a concern.

By the total number of games that Wilson can help the team. He’s only 51% fit and ready to actually play, and from seven top-flight seasons he’s had over 2,000 minutes play (about 22 games) in just three seasons

. Received many compliments from the coaches of the team. Instead, he has played a total of just 33 minutes this season. But again Howe has often praise Wood after his £25 million move from Burnley. Yet in important games like the Reds. The young manager still doesn’t trust him. Put Wood in the starting lineup. Because he can clearly see that the red-footed star might not be good enough for big games.

In the end Newcastle will ready to fight hard next season. With a new spearhead who may have a better profile as they are now a rich team. Report from the UFABET