Rice reveals his sentiments after West Ham £150m asking price

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Rice reveals his sentiments after West Ham £150m asking price

West Ham United defender Declan Rice has revealed how David Moyes set a £150m asking price to keep Manchester United Chelsea and Manchester United away. Other teams came to grab them to reinforce the army.

“I feel like I’m playing well. Because a lot other elements have involve” The young captain told UFABET.

“A couple of seasons ago with West Ham I started to build a better reputation for myself. And it’s a common occurrence with every professional footballer. When you keep good work. There are definitely big teams that are interest.”

“The important thing is We have more views on the career path. Will you let yourself flare up for just a years and be forgotten? Or will it be able to continue playing at the highest level for a long time without becoming famous as a firecracker?”

“I’m just trying to play with that feeling. You have to perform your duties as perfect as possible. Keep your focus on the game long as possible. What distract and made a mistake until team conced a goal? It could seriously damage the team. You may lose your confidence to the point of going out to sea. which is unfair to others as well.”

“As for the rumors that have arisen. Whether the name of the team that has written in the media. That wants me to be there Whether it’s about the enormous value that it looks a bit too real Everything is beyond my control. I can’t stop people from speaking and writing if they want to.”