Neville analyzes how far Ten Hag can take Manchester United in the next five years

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Neville analyzes how far Ten Hag can take Manchester United in the next five years

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has semi-predicted the future of new manager Eric Ten Hag five years from now. How successful will it be with the Red Devils army?

“I don’t agree with Carragher saying that Ten Hag should lead Manchester United to big trophies in the first two years because building a new team takes time and should shake off old memories of This club can get it all over first,” Neville told UFABET.

“The first two seasons may not have to win anything. Let’s just see the positive development first. The third season gradually moved up to a full championship team. You don’t even have to be a champion. That is an important point to help build confidence among the players, including Ten Hag himself, but assuming you have a cup on hand, that’s even better.”

“Then we evaluate the fourth season. Which must said to be serious. Because at least you should win the championship until the last corner. When season 5, you have no choice but to be a champion. That’s a plan for next five years. That I think can be realize.”

“Every ghost fans have high expectations of Ten Hag. That will lead the team to such great success that the fans of the whole world are shock. We would love to see him win trophies like Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola.”

“But the most important thing is not to win a trophy as a surprise. And then be forgotten because Klopp & Pep have made their teams very, very high scores year after year. There are only 2 teams competing with each other every season, which shows the quality of the era’s domination. which is not easy at all.”

“Confess to be honest. Personally, I’d love to see Ten Hag take our team up against Liverpool & Man City more closely like that.”