Fulham owner Fabio Carvalho is set to leave the Liverpool

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Fulham owner Fabio Carvalho is set to leave the Liverpool shirt at the end of the season.

Fulham owner Tony Khan has confirmed that their star midfielder Fabio Carvalho will join Liverpool as a new member of the Premier League runners -up at the end of the season. According to the UFABET

The Reds have already managed to sign a contract with the Portuguese star in advance. After they missed the team on the market in January.

Cavarlho featured for Fulham in their latest 7-0 win over Luton Town on Monday night. The news is named as a scorer in this match as well. and also a guarantee of winning the championship The Championship By scoring eight points clear of Bournemouth, the second-placed team.

After the game, Khan confirmed to The Athletic that the 19-year-old would leave the club at the end of the season to join Liverpool.

“I like Fabio, he’s always been a great player for us. It is a product of the Academy. And we want to keep him with the next team. But we have already made the best deal for the club. And that deal also works. Because he is an important part of our promotion this time.”

“Marco (Fulham manager Silva) has done a great job with him. They have a good relationship with each other and Fabio is precious to us. He was part of the team and it was a huge loss. But because it’s good business. We can do good business to make sure we benefit from that,” said the Fulham team owner.