Pay attention to check your body. far from office syndrome

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Pay attention to check your body. far from office syndrome.

With the working style of modern people who mostly sit glued to their desks and stare at computer screens all day, this results in negative effects on the body. Especially pain that usually starts from minor to chronic and severe. It can eventually become Office Syndrome, so before it’s too late, Try examining yourself and taking care of yourself today.

Be aware of office syndrome.

Office Syndrome is a common group of people in working age who live in an inappropriate environment, namely sitting and working all ยูฟ่าเบท the time without physical movement, resulting in chronic muscle pain. There may also be numbness in various areas, including the back, shoulders, arms, etc. If left untreated, the symptoms will become increasingly severe. and may affect various systems in the body

Cause of pain

•Sitting in front of a computer or working with repetitive gestures. Contact for more than 6 hours per day

•Posture while working is incorrect, such as sitting with a hunchback or bending the neck too much.

Staring or staring at the computer screen for too long Don’t rest your eyes until your eyes hurt and you get a headache.

•Inappropriate working environment, such as desks and chairs not suitable for the body. The air is musty and not ventilated.

•Too much stress from various reasons, such as a lot of work causing insufficient rest.

5 warning signs of office syndrome

  1. Chronic muscle pain in a specific area, such as the neck, shoulders, back, arms, shoulder blades, etc. There may be sharp pain and fatigue in nearby areas.
  2. The body experiences tingling, fainting, coldness, tingling, seizing, and goosebumps.
  3. Numbness of arms and hands, weakness
  4. dizziness, chronic headaches or migraines
  5. Triggered fingers, locked wrists, tendonitis, fibrosis, grip, causing pain in nerve endings.

Severity level

Level 1: When symptoms occur for a period of time, symptoms will improve immediately. Can be treated by yourself

Level 2 when symptoms occur I’m taking a nap. but still have symptoms Take care of yourself and see a doctor.

Level 3: When the symptoms occur, the pain is severe and after a while the symptoms still do not subside. See a doctor for proper treatment.

6 easy ways to adjust your behavior while working

1) Adjust the height of the chair and table for comfortable sitting. Sit with your back straight, close to the inside edge of the chair.

2) The center of the computer screen should be at eye level. Blink often and rest your eyes every 10 minutes.

3) The keyboard keys for typing should be at elbow and wrist level.

4) Use the mouse by resting your elbow on the armrest. Unlimited movement

5) Change your work position every 20 minutes.

6) Stretch your hand and arm muscles every 1 hour.