Sweaters fashion How to match to look good.

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I must say first that sweaters are shirts that come in many different styles. A variety of great designs if you want to look good wearing a sweater from every angle. We recommend that you choose the sweater that suits you best. Whoever likes to dress in any style, we ask you to choose the style you like. Then you will be able to wear them for many different occasions. Because sweaters don’t have to be worn only in the winter.

Minimal Style

     For anyone who likes to dress in a minimalist style. This look is another look that answers the question, which pairs a wool sweater and a satin skirt with a fine, soft, smooth texture that gives a cool, comfortable feel. Tuck the front hem into the skirt and leave the back hem open to keep the look from being cluttered. In addition, it is recommended to choose plain colored clothes. Without patterns such as cream, white, beige, brown and black, etc., to make it easier to control the tone. Report by UFABET

Sport Girl 

     It must be admitted that nowadays there are many fashion items that are influenced by athletes’ clothing. From basketball shoes, baseball caps to tennis skirts. which is becoming very popular nowadays It is also a skirt that can breathe well. Wear it and feel flexible. Doesn’t make you feel hot. For example, this look is a white tennis skirt paired with a white shirt worn with a sweater. By bringing the shirt collar outside. It’s about playing with layers to make your look not too boring. 

Street Style

     Let’s start with the first look which is a sweater style but it looks really good. Start by picking up a colorful sweater and pairing it with a pair of legging shorts. Or tight shorts and top off with white sneakers. This is a look that is suitable for casual days. You can dress up at home. Or it’s good to dress up and go shopping. Moreover, this look is also suitable for girls with straight hair styles. Because sweaters tend to be quite large. which helps camouflage the figure to make it look more curved

Sweatpants Outfits

     Still with a simple look that can be decorated every day This look is a mix and match between sweaters. Warm pants that aren’t too thick to keep from getting too hot and sneakers. It’s a look that’s both comfortable and extremely flexible. Perfect for days when you’re too lazy to dress up. With a little matching tip, that is, choosing only 2 colors to match the look to make it easier to control the tone. For example, this look is a combination of green and white. which makes the look look uneven and boring Or the colors clash until you get a headache.

Sweater & Shirt

     I believe that there are many mini size girls who don’t dare to wear sweaters. Because of fear that it will make your body look even smaller and smaller than before. But in fact, you can wear this look as a styling look with just 2 items. Start by wearing a long-sleeved white oversized shirt and layer it with a sweater. Oversized, bright colors and complete the look as well white sneakers The heel is slightly raised. In addition to making you look taller and slimmer, it also helps your legs look longer. It’s also a look that leaves the legs open so it doesn’t make them too hot. Suitable for the weather conditions of Thailand as well.

Mini Skirt

     The final look involves picking up a sweater to match with. A-line skirt It is recommended to choose fabric that can breathe well. So that you can wear it comfortably and not too hot. Complete the look with vintage-style leather lace-up shoes. This is a look that is suitable for straight girls. and petite girls who often have problems with their height and being too thin. Wearing a sweater that is relatively large will make your figure look more proportional. and at the same time revealing the legs Helps make your legs look long and tall.