Yuki Kuwabara_2
Representative, KUMIKI PROJECT

Things continue to overflow, yet things do not overflow with affection…

To overcome this modern struggle, the “KUMIKI PROJECT” from Rikuzentakata took a step forward.

“KUMIKI” – a DIY wood kit was developed where an individual could build on their own, ranging from small shelves to houses. This allows one to learn the joy of making things and also feel the excitement of building something together with someone.

After the Great Tohoku Earthquake had destroyed a wood company, cedar that was useless were brought together to build a meeting place for the local residents – an unforgettable sight which had lead into the current activities today.

“KUMIKI” connects people to people, people to nature, helping to solve the problem society faces of loneliness and anxiety, and are working towards making a better place for everyone to live in.