Yuji Ukai
FFRI, inc. Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Ukai was a computer geek until he stepped into the world of cyber security after becoming a victim of hacking while attending graduate school. He began to analyze the hacking content, which soon led him to conduct his own research. While working at Kodak, he was invited to join a security venture company and moved to the United States.

While engaging in the vulnerability analysis in the company, he felt a sense of crisis in Japan since there was no firm to study this. Ukai made a decision
to return back to Japan and founded new R&D in cyber security, FFRI, Inc. in order to build a more secure computer environment in the world including Japan.

Currently, as the president, he leads Japan’s own security research
which seemed impossible at the time, as well as being one of the global security researcher working actively in the world.