Yoko Tanabe_1
Director of Olympian Association of Japan and director of All Japan Judo Federation

During her high school years, she was a very successful javelin thrower, finishing 8th place in the national tournament. In her last year of high school, she took a judo class at school and gradually became drawn into this sport and began attending the prestigious Kodokan.

She went on to university, getting recognized for her track and field performance, nevertheless, she continues to fulfill her love for judo and decides to follow her childhood dream of entering the Olympics choosing the pathway of judo. Six consecutive victories in the All Japan Women’s Championship and collecting medals at three Olympics games – Tanabe was able to achieve a glorious result.

The value of playing a sport is the process where one can show growth depending on their own effort. If you are truthful to this process, it will lead you to connect to the next step.