Masami Takahashi
President, Uber Japan Co., Ltd.

"My goal in life is to revitalize Japan.”
Masami Takahashi, President of Uber Japan, suggests that Uber will contribute greatly to Japan’s economy and society, especially in helping provide more reliable transportation for foreign visitors and the aging population.
Uber is a service that allows you to get a ride with a push of a button and is extremely popular around the world. It efficiently matches a rider who wants to get from A to B with the closest driver. You can see the location and information about the driver and car right from the app. You can hop off the car upon arriving at your destination, as your credit card will automatically charged. In addition, the app is localized in 45 languages, so you can enter your destination using your smartphone, allowing you to communicate more seamlessly with the driver.
In Japan, with an increase in the number of senior citizens, there are serious needs to establish a convenient door-to-door transportation option. In particular, in areas lacking reliable public transportation, creating a sustainable transportation infrastructure is a major social issue. Moreover, heading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we expect an increasing number of foreigners visiting Japan. Globally, there is a growing demand for safe, reliable transportation, and Masami is confident that the use of Uber’s technology can help solve the transportation issues that Japan faces.