Guide by the Side

Yoshihiro Kawahara
Associate professor, The university of Tokyo.

What would happen if we could create inexpensive computers using paper as a material? Yoshihiro Kawahara, an associate professor at Tokyo University, wondered exactly that. Then he invented Instant Inkjet Circuit, a technology that can print electrical circuits cheaply and easily using just an ink-jet printer. He used the same technology to create SenSprout, a soil monitor that significantly reduces irrigation for farmland by measuring the soil’s water content. In San Francisco in 2015, Kawahara appeared at The Venture—a global competition for entrepreneurs—and finished second against other social entrepreneurs who had won local competitions in sixteen different countries. Yoshihiro currently advises people who began creating things after encountering technology and conducts research to promote new methods of manufacturing. He has been a visiting assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and MIT Media Lab.