Art of Breathing

Nirmal Raj Gyawali
CEO and President Yoga Ashram Japan, Founder Nirmal Yoga

Nirmal Raj Gyawali entered the world of yoga at age nine back in his homeland of Nepal, where his grandfather had founded Arogya Ashram. Six years later he began to instruct yoga, and at seventeen obtained his bachelor’s degree in Hatha Yoga and naturopathy, later earning a Ph.D. as well. In 2003, Nirmal visited Japan as an Ayurveda physician and yoga instructor. He began spreading his principles for yoga: minimize negative feelings and concentrate instead on loving yourself and believing in your own beauty, both inside and out. Now the CEO and president of Yoga Ashram Japan and the founder of Nirmal Yoga, he provides instruction geared to the lifestyle of modern people, focusing on skin tension, their glow, blood circulation and hormone adjustment, as well as incorporating a breathing method that draws out a person’s inner beauty. Nirmal is also the author of a book called Pretty Face Yoga, striving to spread his philosophies to an even wider audience.