Nirmal Raj Gyawali
CEO and President Yoga Ashram Japan, Founder Nirmal Yoga

Nirmal begins to enter the world of yoga at age 9 back in his homeland Nepal, where his grandfather had founded Arogya Ashram. At 15 he begins to instruct yoga, at 17, he obtains his Bachelor degree in Hatha Yoga and Naturopathy, and at 22, he receives his Ph.D. In 2003, he makes a visit to Japan as an Ayurveda physician and a yoga instructor.

He introduces yoga to be a happy self by mitigating the negative feeling, concentrating on the love towards yourself and by regaining brilliance from the inside so that one can truly believe in their own beauty both internally and externally. He accommodates to the lifestyle of modern people today, such as smoother skin, circulation of blood and hormone adjustment, as well as incorporating a way of breathing that can bring out the inner beauty of a person.

Opening a yoga studio and also publishing a book called “Pretty Face Yoga”, Nirmal is striving to spread his own activities.